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Yanmao Intelligent Equipment (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

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Address: No.8, Xingsheng Industrial Park, 11 Xingye South Road, Taicang City, Jiangsu Province

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(Formerly known as Shanghai Xingkun Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., mainly produces automated assembly line, paper towel packaging production line, the industry non-standard special equipment, automated packaging transmission production line, non-standard factory planning and design and manufacturing and the Molding machine, is the automation of science and technology enterprises, the site is located in Shanghai Jiading District and Suzhou Taicang City at the junction of the new economic development zone. R & D / Xingkun company relies on the advanced technology of Germany and South Korea to support, combined with more than 10 years of professional manufacturing and development experience, into the actual production situation in Asia, developed really suitable for China's national standard packaging automation equipment to meet the needs of the packaging automation technology.

We aim at serving the public, strengthen the quality, maintain the credibility of the business philosophy, and carefully design and development of high-performance packaging automated assembly line, according to different levels of customers for the selection of high efficiency, automated or economical and practical packaging machinery, equipment manufacturing and sales, quality And the good after-sales service is generally recognized and trusted by users, products all over the country; since its inception, the development of intelligent robots, paper towel packaging machine, liquid powder filling production line, lubricating chemical industry packaging lines, water purification industry lines, Open box packing box packing and palletizing production line. Exported to the United States, South Korea and Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, research Mao / Xing-chun all my colleagues will uphold close integration with customers, coexistence and common prosperity of the development concept, and constantly develop, innovate and enterprising with you hand in hand, Love enlighten me! Have a professional technical staff, engineers, and after-sales service staff, has a high-quality young team of highly innovative team. And the company is China's palletizing equipment industry standard drafters, research Mao / Xing Kun company strong technical force, well-equipped, with the development, development, production, sales and after-sales service of the complete system.

"Technology further, the price to step" for the purpose of "customer interests, always the first" principle, so that "Star Kun" can be intimate customer service, adhere to the "first-class technology, first-class service."

The company has many years of technical background, can provide customers with the most practical and efficient production equipment, whether it is stand-alone or whole plant packaging equipment, the company will provide meticulous technical services for customers to solve a variety of packaging problems. From the planning and design, machine installation, operation training, and after-sales service, the company is a modern service concept to help every customer to enhance the packaging technology and production capacity.

Yanmao Intelligent Equipment (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

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