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Talking about the Characteristics of Robot Palletizer

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Talking about the Characteristics of Robot Palletizer

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In the palletizer manufacturers to design a robot action not only to operate accurately and have a higher energy efficiency, we take the stacking robot, for example, the province of energy, the best design of provincial resources. It has the most reasonable use of power capacity, so that it consumes the power can be reduced to a minimum. It uses a new material to achieve a lightweight, compact design of the robot. The palletizing machine developed by the Foshan palletizing machine reduces the number of spare parts for the robot to a minimum, reducing the number of spare parts inventory. The company offers a variety of models of robot models, specifications, allowing customers to choose the most suitable robot body.

Stacking robot manufacturers

The characteristics of the robot description:

1. Mechanical structure: Considering the characteristics of palletizing (linear trajectory, open operating environment) unique link mechanism, parts of the tree less, high transmission efficiency (96%), good ability.

2. Movement characteristics: a linear direction of the movement only 1 motor drive, palletizing effect is good. Space action range clear, good security.

3. Product series: from low to high speed, there are four series, select a large range.

4. Energy-saving performance: Most of the components installed on the base of the robot, light and strong arm, low power consumption, energy saving.

5. Operational performance: very simple. Only set the crawl point and tray position, each step of the space trajectory and placement position by the robot automatically calculated to form. The adjustment of the actual palletizing position is very simple and can be done directly on the touch screen. After the product changes, simply enter the new product data on the touch screen, you can easily.

6. Teaching operation: teach the teacher simple and easy to understand, easy to handle safe, simple menu interface, the operation is very convenient.

7. Grip form: According to the product tailored, clamping products stable and reliable. Both sides of the grip, coupled with the bottom of the support, to ensure that the case of foolproof.

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