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Special requirements for packing machines

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Special requirements for packing machines

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The automatic carton is used to hold the folded carton into a box or to fold the cardboard into a tray / carton, etc., and the finished product to be packaged is loaded into a carton or tray / carton and an automated device for sealing. The device consists of out of the box device, layered device, stuffing device, electronic control system and electrical cabinet and automatic control system composed of six parts of the LCD screen. And hand into a box is different, automatic boxing equipment on the carton has a higher demand, otherwise likely to cause automatic boxing can not be normal. To this end, the carton factory in the production and processing of cartons to the customer's packing method to understand, so as to ensure the normal packing. China has more and more manufacturers use automatic packing equipment for packing products. Packing machine manufacturers

For the use of automatic boxing equipment for packing cartons, generally pay attention to the following aspects:

Pressure lines to be clear, pressure lines and slotted location accurate

And artificial boxing, automatic boxing equipment on the carton pressure and slotting requirements are relatively high. Manual boxing, the indentation of shallow, pressure line slotting and so on the impact of the natural shape of the carton of the adverse factors for manual correction. And automatic packing mainly by suction nozzle, lever and clamp to complete with, do not have the function of forming correction. Therefore, when handling cartons to ensure that the carton indentation clear, easy to bend in the carton when forming, and will not appear broken, crow's feet and other defects. In addition to ensure that the slot and the accuracy of the pressure line, the general slot or pressure line can not go more than 2mm.

In order to facilitate the automatic boxing device will carton upright forming, some foreign carton machine manufacturers recently introduced a process called pre-crease. Pre-crease process is to install a pre-folding device on the automatic gluing machine, the cardboard first and third line of pre-folding time. This reduces the resistance of the crimp to fold again, making the automatic packaging line easier to hold the carton upright.

Box angle loopholes should not be too large

Usually the automatic packing machine sealing method has two kinds of glue sealing and tape sealing. And manual "workers" type of sealing the way different, glue sealing and tape sealing will not seal the box angle. If the box angle loopholes too much, will weaken the moisture resistance of the carton. In particular, some of the export of goods, the vast majority of containers shipped to the delivery by the container, and in the process of maritime navigation, the container air humidity may be as high as 93%, if the box corner loopholes, built-in goods is easy Damp. Normally, for cartons that are automatically sealed, the diameter of the corner hole should not exceed 5 mm.

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